Citing Websites Using Chicago-Turabian Style

grandview Library presents citing websites using chicago/turabian when citing a website with chicago turabian style there are certain elements you want to pay particular attention to let’s take a closer look at this particular citation first record the author of the website’s name the last name comma first name and middle initial if available followed by a period next indicate the title of the webpage in quotation marks followed by a period you will also want to indicate when the website was published or the last date it was modified if no date is given such as in this example simply put the letters and period d period for no date inside of the parentheses followed by a period also include when you access the website and place the date followed by a period finally make sure to include the address or URL of the website followed by a period up until now we have been looking at citations for your bibliography which appears at the end of your paper however in chicago turabian style you will also be utilizing footnotes throughout your paper notice the small differences here first each footnote is numbered for every reference you make in-text second the author’s name is now listed first name and then last name finally all periods have been replaced with commas you can see that on the website the author’s information is prominent next we look for a posted or publication date but do not find that available the title of the page is prominent the last piece to include beyond that is the URL link sometimes the author of a website is not an individual person but rather an organization or author in this case we still list the author first but we list it as an institution so Emory University School of Law comes first followed by a period everything after that is exactly the same as the previous citation you have your title in quotation marks followed by a period the data was published or modified the date that it was accessed by you followed by the final URL link in our footnote citation example you will notice is exactly the same as the original simply place a number next to the footnote and replace your periods with commas here you can see where we found the author by the copyright information the title of the page and the URL if you have any questions or would like help searching please contact the library at librarian at Grand View dot edu or using either of the phone numbers listed here